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Recovered cinema: vintage 9,5mm cinema projections

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The recovery of some old 9.5mm coils made possible the reconstruction of a stage in the life of a family of Barcelona vacationers and their friendship with the fishermen of Torredembarra (Tarragona), interrupted by the Civil War.

Núria Canyelles, director of the Local Archive of Torredembarra, will present the documentary. Then, evoking the summer, we will take a vermouth.


Title: BAIX A MAR. The summers in Torredembarra from the 20s to the 40s of the 20th century
Script and direction: Maria Roig Alsina
Year: 2016
Duration: 30 '
Executive production: Torredembarra City Council
Documentation and research: Pedro Nogales, Núria Canyelles and Maria Roig
Prize list: Prize for the Best Production of the Fira-CAT 2017 Tarraconan Counties.
Cinema Award · Rescat of the Memorimage 2017 Festival.


The passage of time was captured in films stored for decades in an attic in the Baix a Mar neighborhood: 21 Pathé Baby format bobbins (9.5mm), a small gem. The family, in a gesture of responsibility and love for history, gave them to the Municipal Archive of Torredembarra. The treatment and subsequent research with the collaboration of the URV Film Research Unit have allowed us to offer this documentary, where we can share the view of the first holidaymakers, focused both on family leisure and the environment. His curiosity about the fishery life and for some unusual fact has given us the chance to relive a story not very far in time, but very distant from the current images. "Baix a Mar" is a sweet walk for the memory, fruit of the memory recorded by the Tizón family of Barcelona and safeguarded by the sisters Figuerola de Torredembarra.

Date of projection: April 22nd 2018
Place: Sala Mozart
Schedule: 12:00 h.
Free access

With the collaboration of:

NEW PRODUCTIONS: RENEWED. Screening of new achievements with images recovered by Jordi Bails and reused by the 1st and 2nd year students of the Artistic Baccalaureate of the INS Euclides de Pineda, with the coordination of Gemma Paricio, Head of Department of Visual Arts of this institute.

Title: FILMS FOUND FOOTAGE. Show of the achievements made by the students of the INS Euclides.
Collection: Jordi Bails i Castelló. Shooting date: between 1930 and 1960

When we visit old markets, it is not uncommon to find, among all kinds of old objects, coils of cinema. Some are copies in 9.5mm format of professional movies, American comedies or adventures, which were made so that the public could enjoy the cinema at home, projecting them with the simple Pathé Baby device. But many others are family filming. In boxes, sometimes there are signs that tell us what motive were filmed: baptisms, weddings, parties, excursions ... but we do not know who the author was, what are those who appear on the screen and, above all, what circumstances have led to their abandonment.

They are orphaned films, lost. Luckily, there are people of great sensitivity and esteem of the cinema that acquires these coils to avoid that they disappear and they transfer the images in new formats that allow them to see them again. One of these people is Jordi Bails, a lover of cinema and, especially, of this format 9.5mm. Thanks to its recovery task, many movies have been saved. Gently forwarded and made available to the young students of the institute, we will see how they reuse those old images and offer us a new vision.


Film session dedicated to the screening of films contributed by filmmakers participating in the Non-competitive Show, shot in 9.5mm format and projected with original devices. The producers of the countries that accompany us will give us the opportunity to enjoy their new achievements.

Date of projection: April 28th 2018
Place: Sala Mozart
Schedule: 17:00 h.
Free access