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Photo exhibitions

Trophy "Torretes" of Photography

9,5 Cinema

Trophy "Torretes" of Short films

April 7th until 29th, 2018: Exhibitions, workshops, International Trophy "Torretes", projections,... Lots of activities on photography and films. Check it out!


the images
in Calella

Trailer Festimatge 2017
Autor: Marçal Mora / Música: QMBA

Welcome! With this word, so simple, but full of emotion, we mark the start signal of the 2017 edition of our Festimatge.

We have been working to be able to offer you a whole range of acts where the image is the central part, either static or animated, whether coming from our home or from distant countries, and where it is clear that the image has a thousand faces and a thousand Ways of being read and understood.

The team that now presents this edition has tried that, all the material presented, do not leave you indifferent and that your visit enriches you culturally, in a moment where the Culture also supports the economic problems that affect our society.

But this does not have to stop us to continue growing in this aspect. I remember that phrase that says: "Culture will not change the world, but it will change the people who will change the world."

As every year, we thank all those who have helped us to carry out this edition and also, as in every edition, we want the Festimatge to be a place where many people can meet with other people, sharing a common hobby: CREATING AND WATCHING IMAGES.

Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

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