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Wesley Law: "It is really inspiring to see films and photographs in the same festival"

Winner of the Torretes photography award at the 2012 Festimatge

By: Àlex M. Franquet

- What do you think about the idea of this Festimatge about mixing photos with cinema?
- Wesley Law: It is really inspiring to see films and photographs in the same festival. My new camera will have video. So, next year I will enter the film contest also. Maybe.

- You mean you can record your landscapes with video?
- Wesley Law: I have ideas, yes. When I make a landscape image, I see only the composition, the movement of the water. But when I make a still image, you can't hear any noise and that is very powerful. It does inspire me to also make a film.

- You could see the exhibitions of this Festimatge.
- Wesley Law: Yes, I saw as much I could and it is inspiring to see so many exhibitions. There is quality in different places. I stopped in all of the shop windows. You can always find a treasure.

- Where are you pictures taken?
- Wesley Law: All of them are taken in the South coast of Ireland. Most of them are close to where I live. It is ten minutes to me from my house to go to the sea. All of my images are taken in the evening. I look at the weather, if something may look promising and if the light can be good.

- How long can it take you to take an image?
- Wesley Law: Out of five visits to the beach, only one it is successful. I spend hours and hours in the beach and nothing may be interesting. But then I can have ten perfect minutes.

- Why landscapes are your specialty?
- Wesley Law: When I started taking photos, I photographed everything that moved. One day I was at the beach and watched the sea change into pink. I had never seen that before. Then a cloud came. It is magic to me. It is very emotional to me being at the sea when the light is good. It is only difficult to find the right time.

- You've been successful in several festivals.
- Wesley Law: If I do not enter a competition, nobody will see my images. It is very nice to be accepted and a pleasure to see my images in a catalogue. I'm lucky. Two years ago, I won two prizes in my first competition. So I thought I would continue.

- During these days that you've been in Calella you could take some photos. Also, you went to the Costa Brava. Will we see some of those photos in the future?
- Wesley Law: Yes, definitely. I have a special feeling for some of them.

- I am sure the light here is different from the Atlantic light you can get in Ireland.
- Wesley Law: Yes, in Ireland I find more contrast. Shadows would be darker and brighter at the same time in Ireland. But here, the colours of the rocks are just beautiful. They are special. My friend and photographer Jordi Gallego showed me fabulous locations. That day, we were very lucky to see a mist coming from the sea. I will enter these images next year in your competition.