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Tom Connole: "Matar a un niño" is very different"

Photography Director of the short film "Matar a un niño", winner of the Torretes award for the best short film

By: Àlex M. Franquet

- Which is your relation with José and César Esteban?
- Tom Connole: I met the Esteban brothers in Ronda, in 2003. José Esteban was going to a producer's class. We hit off very well immediately. It seemed to me that they were serious about the work that they were doing. We collaborated on four of five short films until now. Fortunately, one day soon, they are going to make a feature film.

- What can you explain about this short film?
- Tom Connole: "Matar a un niño" is very different. José presented the script to me about four or five years ago. From the beginning, the idea was to make it in black and white. And from the very beginning, my idea was to give it an effect of old time pinhold camera, something very dreamy, something that has a quality that you don't normally see. And we stayed with that same idea right to the very end.

- The end of this short film is a bit surprising.
- Tom Connole: Yes, it is a bit surprising. My Spanish it is not very good, so when I read the script it took me a while to understand what was really going on. I always thought there was a child that died. I wasn't thinking he was the narrator of the film. It is a first person report of an incident that may happen in someone's life and change his life.

- What do you think of the Festimatge, a festival that mixes photography with cinema?
- Tom Connole: It is very uncommon. I've never seen a festival that puts together still photography and short films together. They also have a section for 9'5 film format. It is very impressing to me. They have a sale for collectors. I think it is a brilliant idea because it's the same discipline. The work is basically the same. Why shouldn't they be together?