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Santiago Marré: "It is an honor to host the 9'5 European Meeting".

The Honorary President of Foto-Film, Santi Marré, is also responsible for the 9'5 format secion and he presents what's new this year for this format at the Festimatge.

By: Àlex M. Franquet

- This year, the Festimatge will include the annual 9'5 European Meeting.
- Yes, each year, the 9'5 European Meeting is run in a different city. Last year it was in Dijon, France. Two years ago it was in Belgium. In the past, it has also been in Holland. This will be the third time that the meeting is held in Calella. 1988 and 1995 were those previous editions here. It is an honor to host, again, the European meeting. During the Festimatge, we will decide which will be the city to host the European Meeting in 2015.

- Being the headquarters of the European Meeting will bring more fans to Calella.
- We will have more visitors. The 9'5 fans throughout Europe always find that we organize things well in Calella and they are happy to come. For a long time, there was an interest in doing it in Calella and now we can make real.

- You are always looking for new incentives for the 9'5 section.
- Yes, you should look for new ideas. We are now looking for a hook. Every film that would be seen for the first time at the Festimatge will have a prize: to come as a guest next year or some kind of prize to him. This would be for the next year, so they haver enough time to prepare their films.

- The "Grup Internacional Cinematogràfic" from Bigues and Berga and is very active supporting the 9'5 and they are coming to the Festimatge.
- They are a grup of very enthusiatic fans. They want to find a film cutter. They already have a tracking machine and a develop machine. They need a film cutter, which is a very delicate device. They are very excited. They have set up a film school for children and bought a couple of 9'5 cameras, so they showed a film at the last Festimatge.

- There is only one laboratory for the 9'5 format in the whole Europe. It is located in France. Do they still keep with the task?
- Yes, they are the only ones that can treat the 9'5 format. The people who run this lab will come to the Calella Festimatge. They know that we organize a special event and they want to see it first hand.

- The tribute to Lluís Argelich will be the most emotional moment of the 9'5 Meeting at Calella. He was an historic supporter of this format in Catalonia.
- Without a doubt. We will have a tribute to him. He was the soul of the collector's market. His son will continue with the task. He will also repair machines, although he may not make those whole repairs that his father did. Lluís Argelich could bring life out of a machine that was useless. There is a plate ready for his family. It is our tribute. They deserve it.

- How do you see the Festimatge in general this year?
- We maintain a high level. Maybe we miss the presentation at the facade of the City Hall, but the budget was rejected. I see that the photographic exhibitions are very interesting, so I encourage everyone to visit them. There are many exhibitions with travel photographs. They are worth. I recommend them. Also, the short films that we will show have a very good standard. This Festimatge will be very interesting.