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Xavier Rigola: "At the Festimatge, the original ingredients are very good".

Xavier Rigola, Foto-Film's president, reviews the highlights of this 2.014 Festimatge and is happy to see that there is plenty of quality in all of the activities.

By: Àlex M. Franquet

- How does this Festimatge will be?
- Each year, the Festimatge is something like a end-of-course exam for Foto-Film Calella. It is the culmination of a work that is done for a long time by many people. Somehow, everybody in his role works at it's best and with enthusiasm. After 8 editions, we already have a mounted scheme and we basically work on this scheme. Nowadays, you have funding problems, but everyone understands that the funding of cultural events it is not easy.

- You have to adapt.
- Everyone, in some way, has to adapt. For some exhibitions, for example, they ask less than what was required before. There are fewer resources but we intended to do the same. It may seem a little inconsistent, but we do it.

- But quality is maintained at the same level.
- Exactly. People now have more time to think things through and things are made with sense. Spending is done carefully. Even that, we succeed in an spectacular way.

- Foto-Film Calella compensates this lack of resources with more involvement.
- The trunk of the Festimatge is already mounted and new leaves are added each year because we are evolving. The members of Foto-Film are more involved and that makes things easier, although there are also tensions and difficult times.

- In the photography section, what stands out this year?
- The exhibitions at the Llobet Factory and the ones at the old Town Hall. Also, we have chosen other places for exhibitions: hotels, several local associations or shop windows all around Calella. Each site has its special feeling. At he Casal Cooperativa you can see the Torretes Photo Prize. The Llobet Factory is for large format photos. At the old Town Hall you can see a curious exhibition. It shows the evolution in three different countries of political and social change. It is an issue that has not been discussed much. It will be one of the most successful exhibitions.

- And what about the Llobet Factory?
- There we have very interesting exhibitions of large format photos. It is a unique place to see great works. These are some pictures that cost a lot to transport because of their size and we are lucky to see them at the Festimatge.

- The Festimatge maintains more than 30 exhibitions.
- Yes more than 30 exhibitions. We try to have variety and quantity.

- We can see a lot of travel photography.
- We have put together two travel exhibitions at the Mozart Hall. The two authors will come to talk about their experiences and an intimate space like that is ideal for sharing their experiences.

- In the short film section there is quantity and quality.
- Every year we're getting mort short films for our contest and from more countries. It is a success. This means an effort to do the previous viewings. 556 short films must be seen to make the final selection. But it is worth.

- Internet helps a lot and has contributed to turn this Festimatge more international.
- Now the short films can be sent to us online. Many people who are far away can send their short films. Internet helps and goes in our advance.

- Internationally, Festimatge is having a name.
- The authors of short films know where they can present their work. The authors see us as an increasingly specialized festival. Our website works even better. Things are advertised in an agile and easier way. International relationships always cost a lot, but we are making progress.

- The 9'5 section of the Festimatge will host the European Meeting of this format.
- The 9'5 competition is the romantic part of the Festimatge. Every year we hope to see more people and more younger people. It's like the child that everyone wants and everyone takes care about him. We try to keep the 9'5 format well maintained. This year, we will be even more known in the world of the 9.5 format. It is an increasingly complex world. Fewer and fewer people use it, because it is an unusual format. It is a format for purists, for the specialized.

- The 9'5 Meeting is celebrating its 41th edition.
- Santi Marre has done what he had to do. Many things are done because he has so much drive and he is to be congratulated.

- Globally, the quality at the Festimatge quality is maintained or we can see quality to increase.
- I like what I see. We are making a meal with good ingredients. At the Festimatge, the original ingredients are very good. Now we have to keep the fire going. As the ingredients are very good, I like it.

- Which call do you do to the lovers of images?
- While people come and talk about our activities, that's allright with me. People ask us what we will do next year. We do not know. We have not yet completed this year. Next year, we'll see. I do not think that we will make substantial changes in the coming year. There is always some variation because we hear the opinion of visitors and experts.